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We are looking for representatives!

Saco-S is looking for members who are interested in getting involved in the union’s work at Uppsala University and supporting the situation for all employees at the university.

As a union representative in one of Uppsala University's various bodies, you are an important link between the Saco-S Association's board work and what happens in different parts of the university's activities. As a union representative, you ensure that Saco-S has insight into the university's operations and you are responsible for updating the Saco-S board on what is said in these bodies.

You also monitor the decisions made in these bodies and participate in discussions to provide a broader employee perspective on many issues. Since Swedish is the language mainly used in these bodies, you as a representative therefore need to be able to understand and speak Swedish.

As a union representative, you usually have the right to free speech and participation, but without the right to vote in these bodies.

Usually these boards have meetings about 2-5 times per semester. Including pre- and post-work, representation usually takes about 25-30 hours per semester.

The board we are looking for a representative for is:

  • Faculty of Law's board
  • Equal Opportunities Advisory board
  • Disciplinary Domain board of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Department of Education's board
  • Department of Social Work's board
  • Preparatory board of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

On the following web pages you will find more information about what it means to be a representative:

We hope that you are interested in getting involved in the work within a board! If you want to become a representative, register your interest and send a presentation of yourself to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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