Postdocs at Uppsala University are those who have the employment form postdoctoral position. It is a special fixed-term employment based on a central collective agreement.
Postdocs must mainly work with research (maximum 20 % teaching). The employment is normally full-time and for at least two years and a maximum of three years. The employment must be extended if the postdoc has been on parental leave, but may also be extended if there are special reasons such as leave due to illness, clinical duties, positions of trust within unions, service in the total defense and to for some subject areas relevant service/appointment.
To be employed as a postdoc, the applicant must have obtained a doctorate or have a foreign degree that is deemed equivalent to a doctoral degree must be obtained at the time the employment decision is made. The doctoral degree must have been obtained no more than three years before the end of the application period, unless there are special reasons otherwise.
The central collective agreement on fixed-term employment as a postdoc and also the negotiation records (only available in Swedish).

More information about the changes in the new postdoc agreement.

Last modified: 2022-03-28