Salary review

The mark in Sweden for the 2022 year's salary review is 1.8 %. The mark in Sweden for the This mark was established in the autumn of 2020 and is valid for 3 years. Saco-S has a numberless agreement, but the mark works as a kind of "floor". The state must not be leading in salaries, so the outcome of the national salary movement will be our "roof". This is the reason why our salary review is a little later in the year than it usually is in the private sector.

Information on the salary review process at the university.

FAQ about the slary review.

Schedule 2022

The salary review 2022 applies from October 1 2022. This means that the forward-looking performance reviews should take place in the spring and the retrospective salary dialogues and salary-setting discussions should take place during the autumn. Saco-S at Uppsala University receives the employer's bid in early October and will work with it during the month of October. The table negotiations will take place for most of November and will hopefully end in early December. If everythign goes according to plan, the new salaries will be paid with the December salary.

Numberless agreement

Saco-S's agreement is actually numberless, but the departments at the university have of course been given numbers to stick to. The university has made it more clear lately that it is the salary after the review that is in focus and not the increase itself. It's about getting the right salary, not about the increase in percent. This means that if two employees have approximately equal work tasks and approximately equivalent performance, then the salary should also be approximately equal. This in turn may mean that if one had a lower salary before the review, that one may receive a higher increase than the one who had a higher salary before the review. Sometimes when there are large salary differences, the adjustments can take more than one salary review to come to terms with.

Local negotiation or salary-setting discussions?

As in previous years, most Saco members at Uppsala University were covered by local negotiations, which are prepared through salary dialogues. Only the Saco members at the University Administration, Internal Audit, UU Innovation, the National Center for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women (NCK) and the University Library had salary-setting discussions.

The doctoral student salaries

The doctoral students have a salary ladder and it is revised in a special order. It is usually revised as of October 1, just as with other salaries at the university. The latest doctoral student salary ladder.

Parental leave

The following information on parental leave is taken from the staff portal.

The retroactive calculation of this supplement for parental leave takes place on two occasions, the first in the month after the retroactive monthly salary has been paid and the second in connection with the salary payment in September.

To receive the retroactive compensation, you must have sent your payment slip from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan) for the period 2021-10-01 - 2021-11-30 (for doctoral students, the period 2021-10-01 - 2022-01-31) to Payroll Unit at the latest on September 5 2022. From December 1 2021, the correct salary is entered in the system and no retroactive calculation is needed. For doctoral students, the correct salary will be entered in the system from February 1 2022. After September 5 2022, no retroactive supplement is given for the period.

If you have already submitted the payment slips, you do not need to resubmit them.

Sick leave

The following information on sick leave is taken from the staff portal.

In the case of sick leave, the retroactive calculation takes place automatically, based on the medical certificates you have submitted. You do not need to do anything more to receive the retroactive compensation for sick leave.

Negotiation form

Saco-S at Uppsala University will, just like previous years, send out a negotiation form at the beginning of the autumn semester which you members can fill in and send back to us. We use the form to propose a new salary for you and then to argue for the salary we have proposed. Please note that doctoral students and those who have salary-setting discussions do not need to send us a form.

Salary seminars

Saco-S at Uppsala University will hold salary seminars in both Sweish and English. The purpose of these is to explain the salary review process and answer your questions. Dates for the salary seminars will be published later.

Salary statistics

On the Saco-S Association's website there are salary statistics which can be useful to have when considering how one's salary relates to others.

Salary review 2021

The 2021 salary negotiations are now completed for everyone. The new salaries apply from October 1 2021, which means that those who have received a higher salary have recieved a retroactive payment from that date. The doctoral student salary agreement was signed 2022-02-03. The agreement for other employees was signed 2021-12-02. If you have compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan), it is important to inform them of your new salary.

The mark in Sweden for the 2021 year's salary review wass 1.8 %. This mark was established in the autumn of 2020 and is valid for 3 years.

Important dates for people on sick leave or parental leave

The agreement on doctoral student salaries was signed 2022-02-03 and the university in general 2021-12-02. These dates are important for those who have compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan).

Doctoral student salaries 2021

The work on the 2021 doctoral student salary ladder was delayed and was therefore not  completed in until early February 2022. The agreement was signed on February 3 2022. The new salaries were paid on February 25 2022.

Last modified: 2022-05-13