Newsletter - May 2022

The university believes that teachers should not be able to say no to others using their teaching materials

The university has developed a proposal for new guidelines for IP (Intellectual Property). In the negotiations, the Saco-S Association's position has been that teachers should be able to say no to others using their teaching materials. The employer, on the other hand, believes that teachers should not have that right. The local negotiations have ended in disagreement and has moved on to central negotiations. Information about the university's proposal for new guidelines for IP.

Do you need to work this summer or do you want time left for vacation around the Christmas holidays?

If you are a teacher (includes doctoral students) or a researcher at Uppsala University, then you have a so-called standard vacation (also called default vacation period). Standard vacation means that the vacation automatically starts from Monday after Midsummer until the end of the year's vacation days.

If you do not want to or cannot take all the vacation days during the weeks after Midsummer, you need to agree on this with your head of department/ equivalent. The agreement to apply for vacation at other times of the year needs to be in writing and the Payroll Unit must have it no later than May 31.

If you still have to work during the standard vacation, you and your head of department/ equivalent need to have an agreement on this in order for you to be insured at your workplace. That agreement can be, for example, a schedule or that you send an e-mail before you go to work. This is especially important if you work in a laboratory environment. Information about standard vacation.

Salary review 2022

The work on this year's salary review has begun. The salary review applies from October 1 2022 and if everything goes as planned, we will receive the new salaries with the salary payment in December. Right now, managers are working to identify salaries that for some reason have ended up so wrong that they need to be adjusted in a special order, so-called needs inventory. The Saco-S Association expects to hold salary seminars and send out the negotiation forms in August-September. Information about the salary review process and needs inventory on our website. Information about the salary review.

Work task plans must be made in consultation

According to the central agreement between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and Saco-S, all teachers must have a work task plan and it must be made in consultation with the teacher concerned. The purpose of the work task plans is not to control the teachers' tasks in detail, but rather to give the teachers a realistic framework for the tasks. Another purpose of the plans is more about equal terms for our teachers within and between different departments. Everyone should be given the same opportunities within the academy - regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Information about work task plans.

Union representatives on boards and committees

During the spring, the Saco-S Association supplemented with new representatives on various boards and committees. You will find a list of all elected representatives here on our website.

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Last modified: 2022-12-16