Newsletter - March 2022

The war in Ukraine

The Saco-S Association meets regularly with the employer to discuss how the war in Ukraine affects the work situation of our members and other employees at the university. If there is something you want us to discuss with the employer or if you as a member need union support due to this, get in touch with us at

Sexual harassment

There have been several articles in the press about the working environment at Uppsala University and especially about the occurrence of sexual harassment. The Saco-S Association intends to work with these and other issues related to discrimination during the year. If you have questions or have something else you want to share with the board, send them to Of course, the Saco-S Association has confidentiality.

Salary review 2021

The 2021 salary negotiations are completed. The new salaries apply from October 1 2021, which means that those who have received a higher salary should have received a retroactive payment from that date. The agreement on doctoral student salaries was signed 2022-02-03 and the university in general 2021-12-02. These dates are important for those of us who have compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan). More information about the salary review.

The working hours agreement

The work on a new working hours agreement for teachers and other teaching staff continues. In that work, the Saco-S Association emphasizes the importance of all tasks being accommodated within the annual working hours and that the working hours need to be planned in a way that promotes a good working environment. More information about the Saco-S Association's work on the new working hours agreement.

The postdoctoral agreement

On February 1 2022, a new agreement on fixed-term employment as a postdoctoral fellow came into force. The biggest news in the new agreement is that a postdoctoral fellow may be employed for a minimum of two and a maximum of three years. It is more flexible than the two years in the previous agreement. As before, the employment may be extended in addition to this if there are special reasons. More information about the new postdoctoral agreement.
The entire postdoctoral agreement on the Swedish Agency for Government Employers’ website (only available in Swedish).

New board and chairperson

From the turn of the year, we are working on the board of Saco-S at Uppsala University:

Robert Malmgren, study adviser, Biology Education Centre.

Vice Chairperson
Johanna Norberg Hägglund, lecturer, Department of Business Studies.

Cajsa Bartusch, senior lecturer, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering.
Petra Eriksson, lecturer, Department of Art History.
Claes Thorén, senior lecturer, Department of Informatics and Media.
Gunilla Ransbo, lecturer, Department of Modern Languages.
Sara Bladby, study adviser, Department of Business Studies.
Catarina Sahlberg, research advisor, Office for Science and Technology.
Lars Madej, lecturer, Department of Education.

Alexandra Abde, information officer, Communications Division.
Kristina Borodina, lecturer, Department of Business Studies.

The Saco-S Association's work.


Right now we are looking for new people to represent the Saco-S Association in various boards within the university. More information about representation and which boards have vacancies to apply for.

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