Newsletter - June 2021

As many of you probably have noticed, it has been difficult to reach us over the past year. This has been the result of sick leave and more cases than we have had time for, so we have not had the opportunity to answer all the questions as extensively as we would have liked.

Negotiation of teachers' working hours agreement

A new working hours agreement for teachers is currently up for discussion. Negotiations on the new agreement will begin in the autumn. The current working hours agreements that govern the distribution of teachers' working hours can be found on our website.

Salary review 2021

The work with the 2021 year’s salary review has now started. In these past few weeks, we, together with the employer, have looked at how salaries at the University are in comparison with corresponding positions within the state on a national level. Saco-S has an opportunity in the agreement to highlight some groups that we believe need to be invested in. More information about the salary review.


Teachers, researchers and doctoral students at Uppsala University have so-called standard vacation from the Monday after midsummer (June 28th 2021) until the end of the year’s vacation days.

You have the right to have vacation. However, if you do need to work during the standard vacation, you and your head of department/equivalent need to have an agreement on this in order for you to be insured at your workplace. That agreement can, for example, be a schedule or that you send an e-mail before you go to work. This is especially important if you work in a laboratory environment. More information about vacation and standard vacation at Uppsala University.


Saco-S at Uppsala University closes for the summer between July 10th and August 8th 2021. We look forward to seeing you again after the summer, well rested after a wonderful vacation!

Happy Midsummer!

From the Saco-S Association's Board.

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