Newsletter - December 2019

The negotiations for the salary review 2019 have been completed!

The doctoral student salary agreement was signed already on June 19th and was applied from October 1st 2019. For everybody else the negotiations were completed on December 2nd and was adjusted in the latest salary already. You can find your new salary on your login on

Send in the paperwork concerning parental allowance (Swedish: föräldrapenning) to HR/Salary Unit.

For those that have parental allowance supplement (Swedish: föräldrapenningtillägg) the compensation for income loss is calculated as the difference between the old and new salary decreased by 10 percent. This does not apply to the doctoral students this time as the doctoral student salary agreement was in place on October 1st.

In order for this compensation to be paid the HR/Salary Unit needs documentation supporting the claim. Only time with parental allowance is valid. This remuneration is calculated and paid in February and in August 2020. Submissions received after August 5th give no right to retroactive salary.

Don't forget to inform the Swedish Social Security Agency (Swedish: Försäkringskassan) about the new salaries so that you will receive the correct compensation for parental leave and sick leave.

The employer informs and explains the new salary

The employer must inform their employees about the new salaries. This can be done in various ways. Some employees receive a letter with information about their pay raise in their boxes; some employees are informed by their employers in a brief meeting; others have to wait until pay day to see the result. However, all employees have the right to be informed about the reasons for this specific pay raise. The union cannot inform its members about the content of the negotiations since these are classified.

We analyse the outcome

We will analyse the outcome of this years salary review with regard to certain occupational categories, structural considerations and more. This is a part on the conclusion of the 2019 salary review, but at the same time the beginning of the 2020 review. Information from these analyzes will be published continuously on the website under the page “Lönefrågor” [refers to a page on the old website, the page on the new website is called Pay and Salary].

A Christmas greeting from the old and the new Board

With this, the old Board with Per Sundman (chairperson) and Tina Hedmo (vice chairperson) wish “Thank you for your confidence and good tidings!”

And the new Board with Kirsi Höglund (chairperson) and Johanna Norberg Hägglund (vice chair person) wish you a “Merry Christmas and we’ll see you again next year!”

The Saco-S office closes for the holidays: December 20 - January 10. We look forward to return refreshed to a new semester on January 13.

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