The latest news - newsletter October 2022

The doctoral student salary agreement is ready!

The new doctoral student salary ladder applies from October 1 2022. The new doctoral student salary ladder.

Get involved in the union!

To get involved in a union means to contribute to the university's development from an employee perspective and to have the opportunity to improve the situation for all employees. The Saco-S Association does this through negotiations on working hours agreements, salary development, reorganizations, redundancies and more – issues where the employee perspective is really important! In addition to negotiations, the Saco-S Association helps members in various types of labor law and work environment-related issues.

Most of the Saco-S Association's board members work 20-30 % for the union and work the rest of the time with their regular work. The union time is paid for from central funds and not by the department.

The Saco-S Association also has representatives on various boards and committees, such as the boards for the faculties and the disciplinary domains. An appointment on a board or committee takes relatively little time and is an excellent way to learn how the university works and to contribute to the employee perspective on important issues.

If you are interested in getting involved in the union and to work with the continued development of the university, please contact or the nominating committee.

New board members

We warmly welcome our new board members, Paula Karlström and Michael Papenbrock, and we look forward to working with the development of Uppsala University together in the future!

Salary review and inflation

We are in the midst of this year’s salary review and we have received many questions about how the current inflation will affect salaries. The answer that we get from our central organization is that there is an understanding between the central employer and employee organizations that a compensation for the inflation would only add more fuel to the fire and increase the inflation rate. They argue that with a "salary carousel" we could see a collapse of the financial market of the same magnitude as in the early 90s (with interest rates of 500 %). This means that in this autumn's salary review, we can expect rather modest adjustments in relation to inflation, but hopefully the inflation rate will decrease soon and we can get more in our wallets again.

Last modified: 2022-10-20