The latest news - newsletter September 2023

Having working hours for Quality and Renewal (Q&R24 or KoF24 in Swedish)

An extensive university-wide evaluation of research and research environments is currently underway. This means that there are many employees at the university who are engaged in the work of developing "knowledge about the university's conditions and research activities". Quality and renewal – research evaluations (

For the above reason, we would like to draw the attention of our employees - both teachers and researchers as well as the technical and administrative staff - that the evaluation must have been planned into the regular working hours. If you were already working full-time before the evaluation, the employer must remove tasks in order for you to have a sustainable working situation, or alternatively order overtime.

New agreements on working hours and teaching

With Q&R24 and the workload that it can entail, the Saco-S Association wants to inform again about the new agreements on working hours and teaching for teachers, researchers and doctoral students at the university.

Working hours agreement for teachers

The agreement defines, among other things, the distribution of work tasks for different teachers, which means, for example, that university lecturers must have about 20 % research of their workings hours and thus the work with Q&R24 cannot be taken from that time. Please check the agreement for what applies to your position. Working hours agreement for teachers (

Teaching agreement for researchers

This is a completely new agreement, which means that it now explicitly states that you as a researcher may teach up to a maximum of 20 % per academic year. Teaching agreement for researchers (

Working hours agreement for doctoral students

This is also a completely new agreement, which means that as a doctoral student you can for a limited period have more than 20 % teaching as long as during the course of your total employment it does not mean that you have had more than 20 % teaching. You can therefore have 30 % teaching one year and then for a year only have 10 %. This also means that any work with Q&R24 must be contained within these 20 %. Working hours agreement for doctoral students (

Discussion seminars

Saco-S plans to invite to seminars for all members where we want to invite to discussion about certain areas (for example travel time, remote work, vacation) where we need to get input from you. We also want to bring up for discussion which issues we should focus on in the future. Invitations to these seminars will be sent out by email in the future.

Last modified: 2023-09-26