Annual member meeting and seminar on vacation - Events

Are you interested in union work or is there something that you think the Saco-S Association should work on during the coming academic year? Participate on site or digitally at the annual member meeting on April 23! The annual meeting begins with a seminar on vacation - what rights do we employees have, what happens to saved vacation when we leave our employment, how does the standard vacation actually work, etc.

It is important that you as a member use your democratic opportunity to influence the activities. If you are interested in doing union work, contact the nominating committee's convenor Eric Stempels.

Date and time: April 23 2024 at 13:15-16:00 o’clock
Seminar on vacation: 13:15-14:00 o’clock
Annual member meeting: 14:15-16:00 o’clock
Location: Friessalen, EBC or digitally via Zoom:

All members are welcome! If you are participating on site and want to have coffee and refreshments, register your attendance and any dietary preferences/allergies by e-mailing

Documents for the meeting:

Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Approval of invitation procedure
  2. Election of meeting chairperson and meeting secretary
  3. Election of two meeting records adjusters
  4. Establishment of a list of eligible voters
  5. Establishment of the agenda
  6. Approval of the board's/association's activity report: will be sent out one week before the meeting.
  7. Election of the board for the business year 2024/2025: the proposal will be sent out one week before the member meeting.
    1. Chairperson
    2. Vice chairperson
    3. Members
    4. Substitutes
  8. Election of nominating committee and its convener
  9. Other questions
    1. Proposal for a decision (bill) from the board: no proposals yet.
    2. Any questions (motions) from members: Last day to send in motions is April 8 2024. Any written questions from the members and the association's answers are sent out one week before the annual member meeting.

At the annual members meeting, there will be time for questions not covered in the agenda above.

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