Doctoral students working hours

An employment as a doctoral student should refer to a full-time post. If a doctoral student so requests, the position may be part-time work, but at least 50 per cent of a full-time post. (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 5, Section 3a)

Doctoral students with doctoral employment are covered by the local agreement on working hours and working-hour dependent remunerations for teachers. This means that the total annual working hours are:

  • 1700 hours for workers with 35 holiday days, from the year the doctoral student turns 40
  • 1732 hours for employees with 31 vacation days, from the year the doctoral student turns 30
  • 1756 hours for workers with 28 vacation days, through the year the doctoral student turns 29

This does not mean any deviation from what is stated on the University's website that the doctoral student's annual working time is 260 days. 260 days equals five days a week for 52 weeks. However, one must not forget that the doctoral students have the same right as all other employees for vacation, public holidays, bridge days and days with reduced working hours.

Doctoral students' annual planning is documented in their individual study plan. If you are teaching as a doctoral student, it is good to have a service plan. The service plan is an important tool for knowing how many hours are set aside for different courses.

All the duties of a doctoral student (much like the teachers) must be included within the annual working hours. Overtime in addition to the total annual working hours shall not normally occur.

For a scheduled teaching hour of which is completed at least half after 18.00 o’clock or on Saturday - Sunday, a salary supplement of SEK 150/teaching hour will be paid.

Last modified: 2021-01-22