Prolongation for employment as doctoral student

On this page and its subpages, we have gathered information about what you can get prolongation for and what the rules and guidelines say. The Higher Education Ordinance lays the foundation for what a doctoral student can receive an extension for.

The total period of employment may, however, exceed that stated in the third paragraph if special grounds exist. Such grounds may comprise leave of absence because of illness, leave of absence for service in the defence forces or an elected position in a trade union or student organization, or parental leave. Ordinance (2009:933).

- Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 5, Section 7

The main rule is that the third-cycle education corresponds to four years full-time. This means that doctoral students can in some cases receive an extension of their employment. In the menu you will find pages with information about extensions for commission of trust, parental leave and for the care of sick child.

Last modified: 2021-08-11