What Saco-S can do for you as a doctoral student

The doctoral students are one of the most vulnerable groups of employees at our higher education institutions. Saco-S at Uppsala University is available for advice and support for those of you who are doctoral students and members of any of the independent Saco-S unions.

Saco-S at Uppsala University:

  • helps you if you need help from the union at your workplace.
  • negotiates the doctoral student salaries together with ST.
  • negotiates various policy documents relating to third-cycle (postgraduate) education.
  • helps you with questions regarding prolongation of employment as a doctoral student.
  • gives you advice in connection with the expiry of your employment as a doctoral student.

The Higher Education Ordinance and local guidelines

Chapter 5 of the Higher Education Ordinance is the ordinance concerning regulations on the employment of doctoral students. The regulations include doctoral students' work duties and form of employment, among other things. It is this regulation that Saco-S at Uppsala University can use to support doctoral students in member issues.

Something we also can make use of is the local guidelines for third-cycle education, which among other things include study plans, study financing and supervision.

Last modified: 2023-08-18