Contact Saco-S at Uppsala University

The local Saco-S office at Uppsala University is found in a yellow house called Gula villan on Thunbergsvägen 7A at the English Park Campus, this is where you can visit us.

E-mail address:

Postal address: Saco-S Association at Uppsala University, Box 533, 751 21 Uppsala

The office has no set hours for phone, but it is always possible to leave a message by e-mail with a telephone number and we will call you as soon as we are available. The office also has no set hours for reception, meetings take place by appointment.

We who work at the office are:

Kirsi Höglund: Handles salary issues and investigations.

Charlotte Swenning Leyser: Handles work task plans, also webmaster and responsible for the Association's graphic profile and communication.

Jun Mei Hu Frisk: Handles work task plans.

Mahbubur Rahman: Administrates safety representatives for the Saco-S Association.

Julie Hansen: Handles notices of temporary employees for the Saco-S Association.

The entrance to Saco-S at the Yellow house
Last modified: 2024-01-08