Pay and salaries

One of the most common phone calls to the Saco-S office is the one about salaries. It’s mostly when someone is applying for a position at the university and they want to know how much the average pay is and how much to ask for in the application/at the interview.

The telephone is busy at the time of “Lönerevision” with members who want to know how they stand in comparison to their colleagues and how much is resonable to ask for considering their merits and achievements since the last revision. It’s good to be informed about the procedure of the revision and the statistics of your position when you see your head of the department to discuss your salary.

The third category of questions about pay and salaries are those associated with promotion. This category is an adjustment of the salary outside ordinary revisions.

The PhD students has a fixed wage ladder (Doktorandstegen) that is adjusted according to agreements between the Saco-S Association and the university.

The information about your pay and your employment can be found and printed through Primula.

Link: Lönesättning och lönebildning vid Uppsala universitet