Latest news - June 2020

Work task plans (swedish: tjänstgöringsplaner)
In the previous letter we wrote about how important it is to document all of the extra hours of work the current pandemic might have caused. This documentation is necessary when planning the amount of work for the upcoming autumn semester, so that it is possible to tell the head of the department or manager if the workload is too much. University teachers have annual working hours, which means that if you did more teaching than planned in the spring, then you should schedule less teaching during the autumn, if the extra work during the spring was not counted as overtime. It is important to not forget that overtime needs to be ordered.

If university teachers instead of overtime temporarily reduce the time for research, then it is important to document when you can catch up with the lost time for research in the work task plans. The plans should state how many hours the teachers have planned for research, teaching and overall administration. See more on our website about our work regarding the work task plans.

You can read more about our work with the work task plans here:

Salary review
The central negotiations are delayed due to Covid-19. This means that our salary negotiations also will be delayed. Last year we negotiated salaries in November, so the new salaries came before Christmas. This year, the proposal is to negotiate in February / March, so the new salaries will be ready in March / April.

The revision date is still October 1st. This means that we will send out a question regarding negotiating documents at the end of September and it regards the period 1st of October 2019 to the 30th of September 2020. This also means that we will receive a retroactive salary from the 1st of October.

Read more about standard holidays here:

Holidays and insurance
Teachers and researchers at Uppsala University have so-called standard holiday (swedish: schablonsemester) from the Monday after Midsummer (June 22nd) until this year’s holiday days run out.

If you need to work during the standard holiday, you and the head of the department (or equivalent) need to have an agreement on this in order for you to be insured at your workplace. For example, this agreement can be a schedule or you sending an e-mail before going to work. This is especially important if you work in a laboratory environment. Read more about standard vacations on our website.

Saco-S at Uppsala University closes for the summer between July 4th and August 15th. If there is any emergency during the summer, we recommend that you contact the independent Saco union that you belong to.

Happy Midsummer!!
Wishes the Board of the Saco-S Association and the Saco-S office.