The activities of the local Saco-S

The activities of the local Saco-S is done mainly by the board, the representatives on different boards, by local groups around the university and the Workplace contacts on the departments.

The board of the Saco-S Association

The Saco-S Association has board meetings once a week to go over the latest news and negations at the university. It can be the latest investigations, work environment questions, reorganizations, redundancies or individual matters concerning members. The board also goes through the weekly negotiation material of the university staff recruitment, wages and notice of leave for those on temporary contracts. It is also the board, on the behalf of the Saco-S Association, that elect and designate the representatives on the boards at the university and the safety representatives who are a Saco member. The Saco-S-Associations board meetings are minuted and the minutes are continuously published on the webpage, in Swedish though.


The Saco representatives on different boards at the university get their mandate to be present and the right of free speech by the law Lagen om medbestämmande i arbetslivet 19 §. According to this law the university shall keep the Saco-S Association informed of the activities and financial development of the company as well as the guidelines for the personnel policies. The representatives shall be able to have the same information as the employer when a decision is to be made that concerns the employees in any way. The representative themselves don’t take part in the decision and the decisions are not to be considered negotiated just because of the presence of a representative. If a representative thinks that a decision is of the kind that needs to be negotiated, he/she needs to contact the Saco-S Association board. If the university makes a decision that should have been negotiated, then the university is guilty of breaking the mentioned law.

Local Saco-S-groups

At some workplaces there are local Saco-S-groups. These groups follow the work at a specific department or other organizational unit. Examples of such local groups are the Saco-S-groups at the Department of Theology, the Department of Law, the central University administration, Department of Business Studies and the Department of Education. These local Saco-S-groups represents the Saco-S Association in most matters, all though all negotiations and agreements shall go through the Board of the Saco-S Association, even if the local group may and in many cases should take part in the negotiations that concerns the department or unit in question.

Workplace contacts

The Workplace contacts are, as you can hear of the name, the Saco-S Association's contacts on the departments and other organizational units. The Workplace contacts are expected to contact the Saco-S Association incase there are important matters at hand that concerns the employees at the department in question. The Saco-S Association on the other hand sends information of different kinds of activities to the Workplace contacts.