Welcome to Saco-S-rådets homepage

Welcome to Saco-S-rådet at Uppsala university. The Swedish academic central organization, Saco, consists of 22 different trade unions and 20 of those 22 unions are represented at Uppsala university. The union with the highest number of members at the university is SULF (the Swedish university teachers' union); others are the "Sveriges ingengörer" (Swedish Engeneers), "Naturvetarna" (The Scientists), JUSEK and 16 others. The whole list can be found at: Saco unions at Uppsala university

Saco-S-rådet assists its members in matters such as salary negotiation, retirement questions, sick leave, parental leave, general conditions for employment, and vacation regulations. Saco-S-rådet provides thus an important service for its members.

Most of the information on this homepage is still in Swedish but we will work continuously on an English update of the Swedish site. If you have any questions about Saco-S-rådet or its activities, please contact either Anders Grundström or Kirsi Höglund.